Ronja is operating under the latest Covid-19 health and safety guidelines and social distancing rules are in place throughout all our meetings

Why Join Ronja?

Ronja consists of fellow forward-thinking professionals from across the Northwest.

Held every week – 7am – 9am – Blackpool Carers Centre, 147 Newton Dr, Blackpool FY3 8LZ

Why Attend?

• Catch up with your extended sales team
• Meet new members and guests
• Receive new referals
• Training & development
• Exposure to online network including social media
• Chance to join in our social events and activities


Why Attend?

• Business Owners
• Colleagues
• Members of Staff
• Guest Speakers
• Guests and Visitors

What benefits does Ronja bring?

Business Training

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We encourage guest speakers and fellow members to deliver presentations on their expertise, this gives vital training in areas outside of your business. May it be social media, marketing, accountancy HR or many more, training can be delivered during the meeting or outside in one to one’s.

Guest Speakers

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We invite guest speakers to present at Ronja, this can be from business coaching to training, this gives our members the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in areas they would not necessarily be involved in running a business. This can again save time and money with information that can be taken back and installed into their businesses.

Online Exposure

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Via social media and online, Ronja has an average weekly online exposure of 5k, this means that this many people are seeing your affiliation to the group, this does not include other members and guests who share your business online. More online expose means your business will rank higher and give you huge online presence giving your business more opportunities for people to find you.

Events & Activities

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We hold regular social and business events and activities, these optional events enable everyone to get to know each other a little more and bond outside the room. We encourage regular

Business Advice

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Sometimes we all require some advice when it comes to business, how easy it is to obtain not only the advice but the correct advice can be difficult. That’s where having a team of professionals readily available willing to give expert advice really helps, this can save you vast amounts of time and money.

Extended Sales Team

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By meeting every week and presenting your business and services to your fellow members and guests, you are supplying them with the latest information about your services. They then have the knowledge to promote your and your business to their network, by attending Ronja they know you are professional, reliable and will deliver a quality service.

Local and Trusted

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Ronja ensures quality businesses are only represented which people know, therefore by being associated with our group this gives current and potential customers the security that your business is professional and will deliver an excellent service.

Personal Development

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 Ronja enables each of it’s members to develop their personal skills, it may be networking, meeting new people or presenting infront of many, by attending Ronja it helps develop those skills and assist when presenting to clients or in meetings. Personal development is just as important as business as people by into people not always business!

Personal Support

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Fellow professionals in the room are also on hand to give advice on support on a personal level. Running a business can be difficult and having like minded people can help advise and assist on personal matters. Personal support can also be utilising their services for yourself or your family, after all it’s not all about business!

Company Exposure

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By being one of the Fylde Coasts leading network groups over the past 5 years, Ronja is well known for quality local businesses and has a vast network. Current members, guests, visitors, past members and association to the Blackpool Carers Centre, all give your business the chance to massively increase it’s exposure.

New Business Relationships

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Ronja builds professional relationships to grow networks, this is down to getting to know fellow members. By building relationships and knowing, liking and trusting them and their services you can refer and create business. By attending each week this gives our members the platform to develop these relationships so that business can be passed.


Business Development

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With the training and advice on offer it gives members chance to develop their businesses further, maybe acting on advice or a new process learnt in training, Ronja has a pool of information not neccessarily available or easily accessabile by not attending. Ronja has a platform to help assist in all aspects of your businesses development.


Getting Started is Easy

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Mark Booth - Printwise

"Having been a networker for many years, I joined Ronja because it appeared to offer a fresh approach to purposeful business networking. I’m pleased to say that my judgement was correct, as Ronja offers not only a consistent and reliable source of qualified business referrals but also a broad spread of professional, knowledgeable and supportive members. For professional business people who want to grow their business and enhance their value to their existing clients by having a ready portfolio of quality professions to offer them, Ronja is the answer."

Paul Foulkes - Alcimi

"Networking is vital for any business owner and the quality of that network is very important. Ronja gets business done, and plenty of it, it has helped my business and many others in the group grow and been a valuable source of free support and advice. I would highly recommend Ronja to any local business who is looking for a professional, responsive network."

Simon Thomas - Turner & Brown Accountants

"I first attended a Ronja meeting as a visitor in August 2013. From the moment I arrived the members were professional, friendly and welcoming. Having seen the quality of the other businesses in the group we decided to sign up as members after the second meeting. Over a year on and I can categorically say it was the right decision, not only from the business passed to us, but also for the fantastic contacts made and advice received. I’d recommend anybody to come and see what it’s all about and see if it could work for them."


Contact Us

If you would like to join Ronja or maybe arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.




147 Newton Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8LZ