How it works?

Ronja meets every Wednesday morning at 7am – Blackpool Carers Centre, visiting is free and includes refreshments and breakfast.

Starting your morning off at Ronja, you will have a chance to socialise over tea, coffee and refreshments before the meeting begins. Once completed and business has been passed you are invited to join everyone for a full range of breakfast to choose from to start you off for the day ahead.

Ronja works by building strong relationships with other professionals and businesses, we meet, present our business and refer business, its that simple! By meeting regularly we understand each of our business and what they offer, therefore we can refer them whenever possible.

Let’s get started!


Your chance to meet, network, chat to the room

Refreshments, including tea, coffee and biscuits


Each person delivers a 1 minute presentation to introduce their company, products and services they offer.


This section is a 10 minute section for one of the following;
– More in depth presentation about a members business
– Professional guest speaker eg Business Coach
– Speed one to one’s, brief chat with another person in the room
– Group training and development eg social media


The most important part of the meeting, time to pass business referrals, testimonials, thank you’s and arrange one to one’s.


Feel free to enjoy a choice of full English breakfast, pastries, toast, fruit, yoghurt coffee, tea, fruit juice

Getting Started is Easy

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Simply contact our team or any Ronja member to arrange a visit

Arrange a Visit

Confirm when you will be visiting and we’ll add you as our guest

Visit Us

Visit Ronja and meet fellow professionals and present your business

"Having been networker for many years, I joined Ronja because it appeared to offer a fresh approach to purposeful business networking. I’m please to say that my judgement was correct, as Ronja offers not only a consistent and reliable source of qualified business referrals, but also a broad spread of professional, knowledgeable and supportive members. For professional business people who want to grow their business and enhance their value to their existing clients by having a ready portfolio of quality professions to offer them, Ronja is the answer."

Mark Booth - Director


"I first attended a Ronja meeting as a visitor in August 2013. From the moment I arrived the members were professional, friendly and welcoming. Having seen the quality of the other businesses in the group we decided to sign up as members after the second meeting. Over a year on and I can categorically say it was the right decision, not only from the business passed to us, but also for the fantastic contacts made and advice received. I’d recommend anybody to come and see what it’s all about and see if it could work for them!"

Simon Thomas - Director

Turner & Brown

"Ronja has not only helped my business grow, it has also provided much needed support and advice. I would highly recommend any forward thinking individual who would like to grow their network and increase business, Ronja is perfect platform to do so.

Paul Foulkes - Director



Contact Us

If you would like to join Ronja or maybe arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.




147 Newton Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8LZ